The EMCO group

The EMCO Group棋牌游戏能能赚到钱

The group of companies consists of an association of top European suppliers (EMCO,FAMUP,MECOF and MAGDEBURG) all of which come from the machine-tool industry. United under the common maxim of “Made in the Heart of Europe” they work on intelligent and innovative production solutions for the machining industry.
The Salzburg machinery company EMCO is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of machine tools. Its two commitments  "Made in the Heart of Europe" and "Design to Cost" are the main factors in the success of the international company, which stands for functional design and the highest quality standards. EMCO currently employs some 630 staff at a total of 5 production facilities in Austria, Germany and Italy.
FAMUP is part of the EMCO Group since 2005 and represents as world market leader the competence center for CNC machining centers. As the cooperation between EMCO and FAMUP is very tight synergies can be optimally used when developing and producing new machines. The result is clear: complementary competences that are ideal for further developments and the optimization of the product range.
MECOF is one of the leading manufacturers of high-speed, high-precision milling and boring machining centers.With longstanding experience and expert knowledge, MECOF is well placed to meet the requirements of both small companies and the large OEM groups in the automotive and aerospace industries.
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